July 14th - North Tamborine to Ipswich

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DistanceOverall Total
114 km2261 km

Great start to the day dropping off the Mt Tamborine back to the lowlands. Stopped for lunch in the town of Beaudesert.

The final run into Ipswich was pain with tight, endulating roads with lots of city traffic.

Was passing this scrap yard, went this dog appears at my wheel, running along side and going mental. I unclipped one foot from the peddal in case the dog did anything and i had to stop. Seems to be going fine, near past this dogs patch, and its slowing down when the fucker makes a last effort and bits my leg - just a little scratch but still sore and some blood. Anyway the dog thinks its great now, and is on for more of this game.. I don’t agree.. so the defensless leg thats been bitten, now turns into an offensive weapon. I flick the leg and get the heal to connect with the right ear area of the dogs head, he decided the game wasn’t that much fun then..

Get into Ipswich and find Adam St, where Noel and Deirdre live.




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