July 2nd - Newcastle to Gloucester

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DistanceOverall Total
125 km1324 km

Wayne, david, sven.. which one do you blame, or all of them. Herr Kinsmann better deliver the goods now. Bit pissed off that the “man u” ronaldo had to score the winner. Alle le bleu.

Getting out of newcastle on a sunday was good, since with three lane highways for the first 40km on the pacific highway. I reckon a monday morning would have seen me playing death cycling with large trucks.

Hit “The Buckets Way” which is another of these aussie road that seem flat, but have never ending slight rises and large decents. For a simple 150m climb, i had to accended over 800m today.

Yet again the navigator has under estimated the distances, we’re going to have to review the staff profile.




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