July 3rd - Gloucester to Nowendoc

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DistanceOverall Total
77 km1401 km

The cycle book i’m using recommends traveling this stage in the opposite direction.
Warning one. As quoted from the book, “the 6.4 km winding very steep descent”, warning two. So of course i’m doing it against the grain - so the enjoyable downhill stage turns into a 7 hour slog with over 2000m climbing. You know its steep then the trucks are coming downhill at about 5kmph, and there are runoff ramps about every 1km.

Anyway - at the end of the day - it was all TOO EASY. The mountain was broken.

Nowendoc has about 4 buildings, a general store, a motel and two others that seems to be used by horses. The dude running the general store is a belfast man who came out here in 1961, had a good chat with him about ship building and other random things.




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