June 11th - Naracoorte Caves

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Naracoorte Caves are Southern Austalia’s only world heritage listed site.
They are located about 15km outside the town, and guided tours are available
for all the main caves. By the last tour i didn’t really care where
staligtites or staligmiites grew from.

Also figure out today, that SA has a different timezone to victoria - 30mins
difference FYI. I discovered this by being late for one of the tours, or was i

Back in town, most of the other people in the backpackers are working as fruit pickers down here for the year. Its the queens birthday bank holiday weekend here, so most don’t have to work tomorrow. There was some good craic with a couple of slabs of beer and a massive open fire in the back yard of the hostel, any thing that wasn’t bolted to the ground was fair game for the fire.




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