June 12th - Naracoorte to Keith

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DistanceTimeOverall Total
113 km5h876 km

Bit worse for wear this morning after watching the holland / serbia game, and having necked a few beers last night. The yard looks very clean this morning, but there was a dude looking for a pair or runners he’d left out. i’ll let the other explain.

Sunny but cool morning pulling out of Naracoorte at about 10.30ish.

Boredom on wheels today. Field, car, field, cow, truck, field, vineyard, sheep, truck, cow, field, [randomly sequence for 100km and you get the picture].

Finally hit the town of Keith at about 4. Crash in the motel, then when out to jump on the socceroo’s bandwangon which had happened to stop in the town for the Austalia v Japan game. I had to explain th offside rule to about 4 people, don;t think they’ll
ever really understand it. Anyway good result in the end.




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