June 13th - Keith to Tintinara

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DistanceTimeOverall Total
45 km2h921 km

You’d think the soccoroo’s had won the friggin world world cup the way the morning tv shows and newspapers are going on.. bring on brazil.

Anyway, another long one planned for today, 120km upto Tailems Bend, so set off about 9.30. Pulled in after 40kms for an eleven o clock break in a small town called Tintinara.

Heuston we have a problem

About 4km outside to tintinara, i hear a ping, then a second ping - ping.
Look down to see what the issue may be.

“We have serious mechanical difficulty - Heuston!!”.

“Can you confirm the nature of the problem trek 1000”.

“Yeah - well, it looks like four spokes in a row have broken, two are completly
missing, and the other two are at very strange angles. The wheel not to be outdone
has buckled so badly that its wedged itself into the frame”

I dismount and then have the persuade the wheel that it should go back towards its normal position. This involves holding the frame with my hands, and using my foot to apply pressure to the wheel. There were some weird looks from the passing cars as this operation took place.

Go the wheel moving again, kinda, and limped back to the town. Had just missed the only bus to adelaide, so just cut my losses and booked into the local motel to wait for tomorrows bus, and a decent bike shop in adelaide.




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