June 16th - Adelaide Hills

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DistanceTimeOverall Total
62 km3h1010 km

Headed for the adelaide hills first thing this morning, a nice excuse to test the new rear wheel. I also replaced the chain, rear gear cogs and brake blocks. It’s amazing how smooth the ride on the bike is now. The weather didn’t help the view from the top.

Taken on the decent back into the city, glad i replace the brake blocks.

Once I was back in the city, i decided “forest gump” like to continue cycling, and had lunch on the beach near henley. It was tough having to sit in a pier, with warm sun and sound of waves as i ate my lunch.

For the stat’s people, the polar heart rate/speed/altitude graph of todays ride.

The evening will be spent with luandry, blogging and figuring out a plan for what/where to do next week.




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