June 23th - Adelaide to Sydney

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Left adelaide on a 24 hour train journey to sydney.


I know why the train takes 24 hours, because its only going about
30kmph - i reckon i’d cycle quicker. Seems every OAP in austalia is
afraid of flyling or else they gets a free ticket, because the average
age on the train has to be in the triple figures. Train stops for a
hour at broken hill, maybe there’s a retirment village there.


Broken Hill - having been stuck on the train for 8 hours i was looking
forward to this stop, to strech my legs for an hour. I was back in my
seat after 15 minutes - absolutly NOTHING to do in this town.


Two dudes have got on from somewhere in the middle of nowhere. I now know how
to track, kill and a render various native and ferial animals of the austalian
outback. Seems shooting is the main leisure activity of the two dudes. Kangeroos,
foxes, emu’s, wild boars, rabbits, cats and many more animals are on the nightly
hit list for these boys. Beers and four wheel drive vechicals are also needed.


All the beer has been drunk and the bar’s closed. The track seems to have been built over every bump.




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