June 24th - 28th - Sydney

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June 24th - Sydney 1

Wake up about 7ish, with some auld dude snoring into my ear, an accidental
of movement woken him - punk. So we seem to be close to sydney, i think we
must be ahead of schedule. We hit the sydney subarbs and the train like
slows to waking pace - completly ridiculose. The old dude has started snoring
again,, get me of this train..

Eventually get into sydney main station. At last a proper city. Anyway, sort
of somewhere to stay. Ireland play the aussies tonight, so arrange to meet a
friend of my sisters. The irish mafia are everywhere. Watch the match in coogee,
the bar has this special on once the game that all scooner beers are free until
the first point is scored. We had a scare after 5 min when ireland looked liked
kicking a point, but our man o’gara went for the line. Someone scores after about
15 mins, and ther must be about 20 beers of the table in front of us. Needless to
say these where all drank, the result of the game was forgotten, and of course we
have to head back into the city for some dodgy irish pub.

June 25th - Sydney 2

Think i got home about 4ish, with the biggest collection of aussie coins in
my pockets that anyone has ever gathered.

I woke up about 4ish (pm). Small tour of the town, various promises of never
drinking again.




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