June 2nd - Melbourne to Sorrento

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DistanceTimeOverall Total
108 km5h 30min108 km

Pulled out of Chapel Street Backpacker, Melbourne at 10am and headed south towards St Kilda, the coast road and the mornington peninsula.

Chapel Street Backpacker

The first 20km was on a dedicated bike lane, with the only hazards being the morning pram walkers. Joined the Nepean highway near chelsea and followed it down via Frankston, Mornington and St Marta. The bike lane on the main road was really wide and most vehicals gave me plently of room.

Chapel Street Backpacker

Hauling the fully loaded bags on the bike finally kicked in about 40km. I was expecting the first couple of days to be tough, but not this bad this early. Had 60km done after 3 hours and needed a lunch break. The small issue of the scale of distances in austalia kicked in after lunch, when the sign post for portsea said 44 km, when i was expecting a slightly lower number. Actually checking the distances before starting the days ride would be a good idea.

Decided to call it quits for the day and stay at the Sorrento YHA hostel. Arrived at the village and found the hostel, only to discover that it was closed for bulding work. The owner redirected me to the Bay Play backpackers in Blairgowrie. Arrive just as the sun was setting.




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