June 30th - Kincumber to Newcastle

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DistanceOverall Total
90 km1389 km

Headed towards avoca beach and hit the coast at tergial.

The pacific highway is fairly busy as it approaches newcastle. Get the
first drops of rain as i approach swansea, decide to stop for lunch and
let the weather pass.

The rain has stopped after lunch but the roads are wet and cold for the final
30km into newcastle. Find the YHA with no hassel.

Vince Golding the new owner of my trek fuel 90 mountain bike is from newcastle,
had suggest checking out “The Brewrey”. I confirmed that it this as its name suggest - have beer.

World cup quater finals, had a feeling the germany game would go to penalties.
Didn’t care about the other game, german will beat them in the semi either way.




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