June 4th - Torquay to Lorne

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DistanceTimeOverall Total
60 km3h235 km

Stayed in the Bells Beach Backpackers, torquay overnight. Great weather this morning, with a cool breeze, blue sky and sunshine.

Took a small detour outside torquay to Bells Beach. This turned out to a complete pain in the ass, as there where three massive steep hills to climb to get to the coast. If find a fairly non-descript surf beach. Had to come out over the same set of triple hills on the way back to the main road. Note to self - no more side tour from now on.

The road from torquay cuts inland with a constant rise towards angelsea. The great ocean road officially starts outside this town, and the road runs along the coast. There are some tough hills to climb as the road winds around various headlands.

Got into lorne about lunch time. The weather started to turn for the worse, i was feeling a bit wrecked, so decided to take a 1/2 days and booked into the Lorne YHA hostel. Just chilled around the town for the Rest of the afternoon.




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