June 5th - Lorne to Lavers Hill

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DistanceTimeOverall Total
96 km5h331 km

I stayed at the Lorne YHA Hostel, which has to have had the best setting of any
place so far. Had the company of some cockatoos as i was having my breakfast this morning.


Just remember that you need specialist training to photograph cockatoos, on the off chance that they attack.

Got going at 9 heading for apollo bay, the road on this section is cut into
the cliff face in places, and offers some amazing views of coast.

Stopped in apollo bay [45km] at 11, for an early lunch and rested for an hour.
The next section to Lavers Hill was always going to be tough. The road rises
through the Otway National Park, and then drops and levels out in the Aire
river valley. The final climb to Lavers Hill rises 500m over 10km, which seems
simple on paper, but for every climb of 20 meters, theres a drop of 10 meters,
so for a simple 500 meter climb, the actual accent needed on the bike is about
1000 meters!!

The back wheel on the bike is now feeling the pressure of the extra bag weight,
what started as a small buckle had grown, and now there are two broken spokes.
On the final climb, i had to loosen the rear brakes to allow the wheel to travel
more easily. Will have to get this fixed in Warrnambool, when i take a rest day
on Wednesday.

Having finally made it up the climb to Lvers Hill, i then actually cycled right
through the village. The term blink and you’ll miss it takes on a new form.




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