June 6th - Lavers Hill to Warrnambool

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DistanceTimeOverall Total
118 km5h 30min449 km

Stayed in the Lavern Hill Roadside Tavern. I do believe that this was the first and last, build your own hotel from flat pack wood beams and corrigated iron.

Got cracking at about 8am, and nearly froze to death on the decent from the lavern hills plateau.

After about 35 km, we hit the coast again near princetown, and the twelve apostles. Will let the images do the talking, and replace the 1000 words that i couldn’t be bother writing. Just to say in summary, cool.

Having had no breakfast, i stopped in Port Campbell (50km) for an early lunch. The final 70km into warrnambool, initally runs along the coast, past the Bay of Martyrs and then turns inland. I got into a good rythem and made some good progress, making the this leg in about 3 hours.




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