June 9th - Portland to Mt Gambier

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DistanceTimeOverall Total
105 km5h659 km

Pulled out of Portland at around 10, heading for Mt Gambier. The route cuts through forestry land. So had some scary moments, when triple trailer logging trucks zooming past.

The dark forces of mount boom are on the march again, they have destroyed the edges of fangorn forest. Will O’Connell save middle earth..

Just after this photo, i’m touring along down hill at about 35kmph. When i notice these 2 emu bird things, running along the other side of the road. So of course, have to race them.. 40kmph no hassel to them, i still reckon i can go quicker. Well a truck appears coming against our little drag race. I’m cool, thinking the emu’s will turn right into the forest.. oh no, with about 100m between the truck and me, the two emu’s make a massive left turn, and skip right across the road. I would have been the pin, in a game of truck emu bowling. Still reckon i was winning the race.

Loads of dead kangeroo’s on the road side, the first couple surpised me, but after a while the smell gave them away. Goodbye Victoria, Hello Southern Australia.

Arrive in Mt Gambier, to find half of austalria has moved to this town for the bank holiday weekend. The usual lines of “did u not have a booking”? Well no.. Anyway, many people will have predicted this but i am staying in the local jail, but not at her majesties leisure. The old town jail has been converted to a hostel after it closed in 1995. I still reckon some of the inmates are hanging around, given the cut of them (kinda like that alien 2 movie).

So I’m determined to escape, so my brilliant plan was to trick the govener into giving me a key.. smart, I’m not a thick as i look. As phil linnot wrote “Tonight, there’s going to be a jail break..” rock!!




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