National Half Marathon 2011 Anaylsis

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With the Meath Half coming up this weekend I decided to look at my split from the last good half I ran last yesterday in Waterford. At the time I was in the middle of the marathon training program and tapered well for the week before the race

Split Moving Time
1 3:13.4
2 3:20.5
3 3:16.1
4 3:26.3
5 3:23.6
6 3:23.1
7 3:29.1
8 3:20.9
9 3:24.2
10 3:20.3
11 3:22.7
12 3:09.2
13 3:20.3
14 3:31.5
15 3:13.1
16 3:28.5
17 3:14.4
18 3:18.1
19 3:17.5
20 3:20.3
21 3:18.7

The time splits at the main 5km markers were

</div>which indicates these 5km splits time


I remember taking it out handy enough and was in a good position to push on in the second half of the race. Looking at the 5km splits now the 1st, 3rd and 4th splits are all similar enough with a diff of 3seconds between them. At the end of the race I was a bit disappointed to have come that close to the 70min barrier. Perhaps the day dreaming in the 2nd 5km section was were the time was lost. The overall time of 1h 10m 15sec which is the current half PB.

</div><div>In terms of this weekend I’m not 100% sure about the right hamstring but I think the course and potentially the runners in the field could make this a fast course. Will see in the coming days if a new PB time will be targeted.</div>



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