Testlink Automated Tests

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Looking at how to define automated test cases within the TestLink tool this morning so I installed v1.9.3 painlessly. As per chapter 4 of the Jenkins TestLink Plug-in: The Definitive Guide the trick is to define and assign a ‘Custom Field’ to record the java class name or testng suite. Since we’re not using jenkins I’ll probally follow the basic steps and use http://code.google.com/p/testlink-api-java-client/ to pull the details from Testlink within my bamboo build.

In the testlink/config.inc.php update the following settings to enable the API and enable test automation

/** XML-RPC API availability (disabled by default) /
$tlCfg->api->enabled = TRUE;

[Test Executions] */
// ENABLED -> enable XML-RPC calls to external test automation server new buttons will be displayed on execution pages
// DISABLED -> disable
$tlCfg->exec_cfg->enable_test_automation = ENABLED;



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