Tuesday 30th May

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In Hong Kong International airport for a 2 hour stopover before the final leg of the flight to melbourne, which should get me there for 19.30 this evening.

Interesting landing into melbourne, I’m looking out the window to see the city lights expecting to have a nice view for a few minutes before we touch down, but first lights i see are the airport lights. There a bit close i’m thinking, when next thing the plane slaps the runway like a tonne of bricks, or metal hitting the ground. There a small issue of a loud bang and bits of the internal roof panel coming loose and dropping onto this dudes head, who sitting a couple of rows ahead of me. He grabs the panel and holds it while the whole plane slows. Lots bemused people and stupid jokes as we get of the plane.

No hassel getting the bike in via aussie customs, they just check thats are is not muck on the frame.

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