Updating my CV with hresume, twitter bootstrap and github

1 minute read

I’ve always found updating the format of my CV quite a pain, and during the most recent review of my CV is decided that an XML based approach would be the best.

First step was to convert the details in my existing word doc cv to a XML format. I looked at xml resume format but decided to use the hr-xml format in the end.

Next step is to use a xsl transform to convert the xml into an output format. While researching the transforms I found the hresume mircoformat which seems well supported. Madgex provide a tool for converting a html format into a PDF/Word format which solved one of my problems.

In order to ensure a level of sanity to the html layout and fonts, i decided to reuse the twitter-bootstrap resources.

While working on the xml cv file and xsl transform i used my github repository to track changes. The final piece of the puzzle was where to host the generated html resume file. I found that github provided this via the gh-pages branch which allows a file to be served as raw html to a browser.

The hresume html is hosted here and the madgex pdf is linked on the right hand column of this blog. Now to get the CV out to the market.



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