Nodejs Feb 2015 Meetup

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So i thought this was an early april fools joke when i saw the two talks for this evening. A nodejs meetup dedicated to home craft beer brewing but the agenda is the agenda and i shit you not. I suspect these guys are going to put my little home brew setup to shame.

1st talk : The main take away i got from this talk was the use of Isomorphic JavaScript within the project. @slashdotpeter was happy to answer random brewing questions even if Cianomaidin wanted to know when the first node js Pálinka brewing kit would be available! Check out his company site

2nd talk : @juliancheal kicks off a talk on Cylon.js which is robotics api written in node js. There may be issues with his website at Julian had a bag full of devices which had various flashing lights which could be turned on and off via cylon. A nat demo showing how the code which runs on the devices can also be run in a browser.

Internet of Things in the Pub We are introduced to the smart breathalyzer which is a mobile app plugin for measuring how many drinks you’ve had. You’ve identified your drunk so the next logical step is to call a drone what will deliver you another beer. Neat demo of a drone attempting to deliver a can of beer. I’ll hold off until the drone cab pull a pint of guinness and deliver that before i’ll sack all the bar men.

Spark devices are mentioned and its cloud API. The next demo ‘partybus’ involves a dance mat sending commands to the drone as our human dances to gangnan style, the drone let on it was too cool to dance.

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