Node JS Meetup March 2014

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Notes from the meeting in, Barrow St, Dublin. The

Talk 1 Coffeescript is the first talk so lets install

sudo npm install -g coffee-script

Talk 2 Richard Rodger - rkrodger Micro-services and Docker

Docker Is like source control for machines. It allows you to build images for a machines. The same way github will build software for a release. It’s not a virtual machine, shared memory so only one copy of the code on the machine.

redis queueing to handle the flows between processes. sunday business post - 8 amazon instances

micro service pattern

in -> do stuff -> out json -> function -> json

each process can process all messages, with nodejs you don’t have to decide on the architecture in advance. there are options to reconfigure services on the fly. stanford college - were do we put the paths for students over a green area, let them them walk on the grass for a season and see where the natural paths are - build the concrete there!.

Uses for handling the micro-service. Uses a plugin architecture.

Apache Kafka is publish-subscribe messaging rethought as a distributed commit log.

See Express Web Framework

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