Node JS Meetup May 2014

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Notes from the meeting in, Barrow St, Dublin.

The topic this evening is “Building a Reverse Proxy With Node and Performing Scalability Testing On It” and is being presented by the guys from Citi bank. Seems they are hiring as well atm.

My poor attempt to win the spot prize of the evening by posting a photo to #nodejsdublin

HAPI is a server framework for node that citi use for proxing. Aman Kohli akohli explains the move away from SOAP,XML and the need they had for nodejs within the bank. Pizza with beer in the crust is a dream of his (he hasn’t cracked the whole sogginess thing yet). Painpoint aka Sharepoint is the top joke so far.

They have a logentites section in their json request to allow clients report information to the server. Detailed section on NTML authentication. Using Flod to track the performance metrics of the requests.

Oauth 2.0 and the road to hell

Plato is a JavaScript source analysis and visualizer.

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