Boston 2015 W1

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Start of the training blog for Boston 2015

Monday: Plan 40mins easy. Actual - 44mins UCD Lap

Tuesday: Plan 40mins easy with 4 * 15second hill sprints. UCD Lap and hill sprints beside the Milltoen luas stop.

Wednesday: Plan Steady MP Run 40 mins @ MHR (150-154 HR). 12-15 min WU/WD

Thursday: Plan 50 mins easy. Actual - Did the ballyboden lap with sportsworld and added a terenure lap to fill it out to 58mins.

Friday: Plan Rest. Jogged in and out to core class with functional fitness at 8am.

Saturday: Plan Hill Session 12 x 60 seconds off jog back or 60 seconds recovery (if on continous hill). 10-15 mins WU/WD. Actual - Mount Anville Road was selected as the hill. Managed 11 reps.

Sunday: Plan Long Run - 1 hour 30 mins easy with 6x2 min surges over last 30 mins. Actual - 10miles steady.

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