Boston 2015 W2

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Week 2 of the boston training plan that this schedule

Mon: 50 mins easy + 6 x Hill Sprints.
Tues: (Track ) Cutdown Session - 10-15 Mins WU/WD. 12 Mins @ MHR 150-154 / 2 MIN BREAK / 10 mins @ LT HR 160-164 / 3 MIN BREAK / 8 x 400m in 80 seconds off 75 seconds recovery.
Wed: 50 mins easy.
Thurs: 60 mins easy + 5 x 80m strides.
Fri: Rest.
Sat: Marathon Specific Long Run - 10x1k @ Marathon HR (154-154). 1 km float recovery @ 7:30 per mile (Get HR to low 140's). 3k WU and WD. N.B One continous run.
Sun:40 Mins easy recovery run.

And this is how it played out

Mon: 90mins easy.
Tues: Did the session around UDC and the sprints along milltown road. Should have gone earlier in the day and picked a straighter road for the sprints.
Weds: 80mins easy.
Thurs: Took a rest day and avoided the worst of the snowy weather.
Fri: Core class and pulled forward the second session of the week. Fast km's were fine but the recovery back to 140 HR took longer as the session went on.
Sat: Felt fresh - easy 17km in 75mins. Right knee was a little tight afterwards which is odd.
Sun: Hooked up with the sportsworld sunday run. Kept it below 140 HR for the 19km in 90mins. Tried at the end and will take an easy day Monday. Knee was fine.

All in 122km for the week.

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