Boston 2015 W3

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Week 3 of the boston training plan that this schedule

Mon: 50 mins easy + 6 x Hill Sprints.
Tues: Steady MP Run 50 mins @ MHR (150-154 HR). Followed by 4 x 20 sec strides. 12-15 min WU/WD
Wed: 60 mins easy.
Thurs: Long Run
Fri: Rest.
Sat: 30 mins + 4 x hill sprints
Sun:National Masters XC Race in Tuam

And this is how it played out

Mon: 12km in 55mins.
Tues: Dist 6.4km in 24:23 at 3:49/km. Watch died so the second lap was not recorded!.
Weds: 13km in 56mins.
Thurs: 20km in 1h 30min. Never got going in this one and felt bad all the way. Right calf was very sore afterwards.
Fri. Core class, cycled in and rest.
Sat: Rest and foam rolling.
Sun: XC race in galway. Was concerned about the calf but it held up and was OK post a cooldown.  

All in 75km for the week. An easy week and will have to do more rolling and warm up of the calf’s in the coming weeks.

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