Boston 2015 W4

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Week 4 of the boston training plan that this schedule

Mon: 30 mins easy
Tues: Rest
Wed: 30 mins easy.
Thurs: 30 mins easy.
Fri: Rest
Sat: Marathon Specific Long Run - 6x2k @ Marathon HR (154-154). 1 km float recovery @ 7:30 per mile (Get HR to low 140's). 3k WU& WD. N.B One continous run
Sun:30 mins easy.

And this is how it played out

Mon: 10km in 50mins.
Tues: 10km in 45mins.
Weds: Rest.
Thurs: 6x2k @ Marathon HR (150-160). The times for the 2km's were 7.21,7.41,7.37,7.36,7.57,7.54. The first four were OK but the 5th and 6th a little tougher.
Fri. Core class, cycled in and rest.
Sat: Rest.
Sun: 18km in 1h 22mins.  

All in 62km for the week.

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