Boston 2015 W5

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Week 5 of the boston training plan that this schedule

Mon: 45 mins easy + 6 x Hill Sprints
Tues: LT Workout 5x5 mins @ LT (160-164 HR) - 75 sec recovery. 12-15 min WU/WD
Wed:50 mins easy
Thurs: 60 mins easy + 5 x 80m strides
Fri: Rest
Sat: Marathon Specific Long Run - 8x2k @ Marathon HR (154-154). 1 km float recovery @ 7:30 per mile (Get HR to low 140's). 3k WU& WD. N.B One continous run
Sun:30 mins easy

And this is how it played out

Mon: Rest
Tues: 12km in 58mins.
Weds: 5x5 mins @ LT (160-170 HR). The 5 segments resulted in about 1.5km covered, the paces were 3.21,3.19,3.29,3.34,3.35.
Thurs: AM 6km in 32mins. PM 10km in 45mins.
Fri. Core class, cycled in, rest.
Sat: 8x2k @ Marathon HR (150-160). Felt bad going into this one. The paces for the 8 segments were 3.46,3.53,3.53,4.03,3.57,4.12,4.11,4.33. The firt 5 seemed OK but totally died on the 6/7th and the 8th was stagger to the finish.
Sun: No run - head cold.

All in 70km for the week.

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